• Simply bar chart review the order and cash flow
  • Search the audit data from order
  • Client name 
  • Amount
  • Services
  • Auto generate Invoice & quotation
  • Remote sent Invoice & quotation
  • Track expense transactions
  • Payment voucher
  • Design the Invoice & quotation with template
  • Storage and manage the total amount of all orders
  • Generate the book-keeping report in one click
  • Reminder / notification in error amount


Accountings system

An accounting system is a system used to manage the income, expenses, and other financial activities of a business. It allows a business to keep track of all types of financial transactions, including purchases (expenses), sales (invoices and income), liabilities (funding, accounts payable), etc.


It not only makes daily expenses and management fees clear but also enables enterprises to have a deeper understanding of cost.


Besides, it is capable of generating comprehensive statistical reports that provide management or interested parties with a clear set of data to aid in the decision-making process.