1. Customer

    CRM system streams existing customers to maximize customer value and avoid customer loss. The system automatically monitors the sales staff to follow up and improve the transaction rate.


    Conduct employee life cycle management, support multiple attendance system management, support multiple sets of compensation systems and salary standards.


    The system can provide customized contract management process and follow up project process based on personnel, time, completion schedule, etc. It can manage taskbar and task calendars to realize the organic combination of business normalization and flow efficiency.


    Allowing managers to properly cope with company expenses and reduce business operation risks. It not only makes daily expenses and management fees clear but also enables enterprises to have a deeper understanding of cost.

    Other functions (messages , events , notice board , reports)

    Includes internal employee communications, schedule management, task notifications, task report records, financial report records and so on

    Inventory management system

    • Business Management
      • Multiple business 
      • Multiple business locations, store fronts, warehouse
      • Set currency, time zone, financial year, profit margin, tax registration details and more options
    • Product Management
      • Single & variable products
      • Enable/disable Stock management
      • Add brands, category, units, tax rates, group taxes
      • Products with expiry
      • Low stock alert & expiry alerts
      • Predefined SKU or auto generate SKU
      • IMEI/serial number, lot number
      • Print bar-code & labels
      • Selling price group
      • Import product CSV, and much more
    • Purchase 
      • Add, edit, delete, view, print purchase
      • Purchase return
      • Credit, paid & partially paid
      • Multiple payment options
      • Payment reminders
      • Taxes, discounts, shipping charges
      • Specify product lot number & expiry
      • Upload purchase document
      • Quick add product in purchase screen
    • Sell & POS Terminal
      • Add, edit, delete, view, print
      • Credit, paid & partially paid sales
      • Sales return
      • Taxes, discounts, shipping charges
      • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Improved POS to save time (no page reload, fully Ajax)
      • Payment options – cash, CC, cheque, bank, transfer
      • Walk-in or quick add customer
      • Specify commission agent
    • Suppliers & Customers 
      • Add contacts as supplier, customer or both
      • Pay terms & payment alerts
      • Details payment details
      • Detailed purchase & sell transactions
    • Staff, Salesperson, Cashier 
      • Advance user management module
      • Permission & roles
      • Commission agents
      • Assign business locations to a role
      • Predefined roles – admin & cashier
      • Add cashier for business location
      • Staff salary and expense management
    • Report
      • Powerful reports with filters & charts
      • Profit & loss report
      • Purchase & sell report
      • Stock reports
      • Trending product reports
      • Tax reports
      • Expenses reports
      • Suppliers & customers reports
      • Cash registers reports
      • Salesperson reports
    • Others
      • SMS & Email notifications
      • Interactive dashboard with overall shop details and charts
      • Stock adjustments,Expense management, cash register
      • Fully customise invoice layout, barcode settings
      • Supports barcode scanner, thermal printer (ESC/POS)
      • Translation ready, detailed documentation