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Quote Number h-q2020202020060581269
Quote Date 07.04.2021
Total $8,000.00
Midas FMS Limited
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Final bug fix FMS - April 2021

1. [F] 一轉英文版From唔見左,SS/Premium: Form3A, 3B, 4B ; RS 既4A, 5A, 5B [Program hard code, cannot show the above form]

2. [B] Export > checklist, export excel (Item check list), [Want to need not to approve it, can export all items]

3. [B] Order Management > 扔左既Item , 要 update 張order > item list ( https://gs.milton-fms.com/admin/project_file.php?&file=2d&show_to_exhibitior_id=11751&tt=shortcut&m=&t=booth_deisgn_2d&sublist=booth_deisgn_2d&setting_id=&cc=1 )

4. [B] Order Management > 人手輸入的Construction Deposit 沒有計算在Export > Payment Checklist中, export data 冇數 [Confirm to use "Other Fee Module" but need to fix the related bug first]

5. [B] Order Management > Order Items 的Surcharge 包括 Unit Price

6. [B] Order Management > Order Items > cannot show out all items deposit e.g. invoice no.: LOHAS-0008 (https://gs.milton-fms.com/admin/project_file.php?&file=orders_list&file=orders_list&show_id=1066&tt=backlist&m=&t=orders&sublist=orders&booth_type=&parent_id=&checklist_type=&order_id=&bm=%2Forders&bc=1&tt=backlist )

7. [B] Export > Payment checklist sorting by invoice no.

8. [B] Package Entitlement > Package Product > MA07 Garbage Bin 2以上出唔到

9. [B] Invoice 有 簡體字(displayed the Simplified Chinese word in the invoice even thought in the English / Traditional Chinese version) https://gs.milton-fms.com/admin/project_file.php?&file=orders_list&show_id=1066&tt=shortcut&m=&t=orders&sublist=orders&show_id=1066&cc=1

Sub Total $8,000.00
Total $8,000.00

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