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Invoice Number h-i2020063491278
Invoice Date 22.02.2022
Total Due $10,000.00
Gritus Technology Limited

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System development

Gritus Trading Platform

first payment: 10,000
second payment: 98,000
final payment: 98,000
total payment: 206,000

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 System development specification

Bright Lighting Trading Platform

Web Server (Apache suggested) server setup
PHP 7.4+
Database (MySQLi suggested)
Required PHP libraries / modules

GD Library
The above PHP extensions should be available by almost all hosting providers, during the install process it will check you have them all enabled. You should contact your hosting provider if one is missing.

Administrator Dashboard
All the important information available at a glimpse. Get a full overview of what is important with total orders, sales, customers, people online, sales analytics and many more widgets

User Management
In order to successfully organize an online store you will need to cooperate with many people, each performing different roles. OpenCart allows you to set advanced user privileges and separate access for user groups and users.

Options, attributes
Products come in different options. Some feature sizes, while others colors, length, height. No matter the case OpenCart offers a solution on adding extra important product variables.

OpenCart comes with an inbuilt Affiliate system, where affiliates can promote specific products and get paid for this. Set different percentages. Offer different payment options such as cheque, Paypal and a bank transfer.

Discounts, coupons, specials
Retailers often have to lower their prices to keep up with their competition. OpenCart offers discounts, coupons and specials to cover the most popular ways to get attention and increase sales.

Back-up and restore
Case of emergency? OpenCart allows you to set up your own back-ups and restorations. Looking for an easy way to update and bulk edit products, categories and everything else OpenCart? Discover the popular extensions in the marketplace

Create filters in the same way you create categories. This is a great way for customers to refine and narrow down just about anything in your store. Easy find - easy buy.

Sell in any currency, anywhere in the world. Get automatic rates updates. Set up different taxes. Ecommerce selling made easy.

Recurring payments
Set up recurring payments for your customers. If you plan to sell products by subscription, if you are promoting a discount or member's club, or if you are simply breaking up payments into smaller portions. This feature gives the store owner more control over how customers are charged for products or services.

Shipping Methods
The most world-renowned Shipping methods, integrated for you. OpenCart has integrations with Australia Post, Citylink, FedEx, Parcelforce, Royal mail, UPS, USPS and much more. There are also hundreds of other shipping methods available in the OpenCart Marketplace.

Sales reports
Get analytical. OpenCart comes powered up with a sales report, viewed products and purchased products report. If you want to get additional reporting functionality you can view some of the popular reporting extensions.

Payment Gateways
Authorize.Net, Amazon Payments, First Data, Klarna, LiqPay, Skrill, PayPal, SagePay and many more. Choose any of the 36 Payment methods that come integrated with OpenCart or download among hundreds more available via the OpenCart marketplace.

Responsive development which means your site will look awesome no matter the device. Mobile, tablet, desktop or a large screen you will certainly make an impression. You can also check out some of the community developed themes on ThemeForest or TemplateMonster

Don’t waste time & money to get your website higher in Search Engines. We know how important this it so we take care of this for you. You can further enhance SEO in OpenCart with some of our Popular SEO Extensions.

No need for expensive add ons. The Marketing in your OpenCart dashboard allows you to add and track the marketing campaigns you create.

Product Feeds
Connect to Google base and Google sitemap and set how Google lists and views your products

Guest and Registered user Checkout
When it comes to the most important step and converting a customer - the checkout, OpenCart provides both Guest and Registered user checkout. The choice is yours.

Product management

Unlimited Categories
Create unlimited categories and subcategories and assign products to them.

Unlimited Products
No Matter if you want to sell 1 or 1 000 000 products, OpenCart has your back.

Downloadable Products Ready
OpenCart makes it easy to sell digital products. All you need to do is click a button, upload the product and set the price. Voila! Your products are ready to be sold.

Product Reviews & Ratings
Customer product reviews are among the most important factors that trigger the buy or don’t buy decisions customers make. OpenCart comes with a powerful integrated comments, reviews and ratings system.

Reward Points
A reward program that drives results. Increase customer lifetime value and return purchases.

Booking & Reservation System - This module helps you to create booking and reservations on any product. It is useful when you want to convert your website into an event-driven site. This extension allows for creating booking and reservation products like - Doctor's appointments, movie booking systems, etc.

This module allows two types of bookings for any product, which are:

One booking for many days: In this type of booking admin can provide customers to book for many days in a single booking.
Many bookings for One day: It is a simple type of booking as we generally do on movie ticket booking, railway, etc.

Features :

Booking dates will be created on ajax based, so there will be no page reloads.
Dynamic event displays according to the date in case of one booking for many days.
Brilliant UI and UX for event display and booking as well at the admin’s end.
Real-time booking i.e. if a customer is booking any slot and somehow because of the internet or any other reason checkout is not confirmed and simultaneously another customer is booking that slot too, then if that customer successfully checkouts then the slot will not be available for the first customer.
Checkout check is there.
Admin can close a particular booking slot of a product.
Admin can close booking slots of a particular time span.
Customers can add multiple booking slots of a product in one view.
Customer Time-based booking has been introduced which is based on hourly and day wise cost calculation. ( Advanced Booking & Reservation System)
Slot based quantity measure has been used. ( Advanced Booking & Reservation System)
Admin can do the manual booking from the backend. ( Advanced Booking & Reservation System)

Multi vendor Module is integrated with one of the rich features such as the Seller Panel The seller panel is part of the vast online marketplace where any seller can create his own account.

Seller can sign up their account and start uploading their products to start instant online selling of products from your existing store. However Admin has all the rights to approve or disapprove a seller and their products.

And each seller can maintain his own profile and dashboard.

Sub Total $10,000.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $10,000.00

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