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Global Technology Integrator Limited

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Payment Terms: 20% payment upon PO received from GTI and 80% payment upon project completed (30 days credit)
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1 Helpdesk Chatbot Development for BuildKing (First 20%)

This Statement of Work (SOW) details the development of an AI-powered Helpdesk Chatbot tailored for BuildKing. The chatbot will address internal and external queries, leveraging Azure's OpenAI service equipped with ChatGPT-4 for advanced natural language processing, React for the user interface, and Langchain for URL-based data retrieval. This chatbot is designed to streamline support and enhance information access while maintaining cost-effective operations.

Project Objectives
•    Provide continuous, automated helpdesk support.
•    Improve response accuracy and efficiency.
•    Enable data fetching from specified URLs.
•    Monitor and control Azure OpenAI usage costs.
•    Implement a token counter to track and manage conversation lengths.
•    Facilitate secure user interactions through Azure enterprise login.

Scope of Work
The work scope now includes:

•    Integration of Azure OpenAI ChatGPT-4 for intelligent responses.
•    Development of a React-based interface for user interactions.
•    Use of Langchain for dynamic content retrieval.
•    Deployment within BuildKing's systems with Azure cost monitoring.
•    Knowledge base creation with a focus on efficient token usage.
•    Secure authentication of users via Azure enterprise login.
•    Grablink development and configuration (gptCrawler function allow to crawl website url content to store in blobstorage for data indexing)

Tasks and Deliverables
•    Task 1: Design the chatbot's structure and flow.
•    Deliverable: Architecture and flow documents.
•    Task 2: Implement ChatGPT-4 within the Azure OpenAI framework.
•    Deliverable: Chatbot logic and Azure OpenAI integration.
•    Task 3: Develop the front-end interface with React.
•    Deliverable: Front-end code and assets.
•    Task 4: Incorporate Langchain for URL content grabbing.
•    Deliverable: Content retrieval mechanisms.
•    Task 5: Build a chatbot knowledge base, mindful of token usage.
•    Deliverable: Efficient Q&A database.
•    Task 6: Test the chatbot, including token counting and cost monitoring features.
•    Deliverable: Test plans and reports.
•    Task 7: Train staff on chatbot operation, including cost and token monitoring.
•    Deliverable: Training materials and session recordings.
•    Task 8: Deploy the chatbot with user conversation monitoring and Azure login.
•    Deliverable: Operational chatbot system with monitoring tools.

Additional Features
•    Azure OpenAI ChatGPT-4 Usage: The chatbot will utilize ChatGPT-4 for creating contextually relevant responses.
•    Cost Management: A system to monitor Azure OpenAI consumption costs will be implemented to maintain budgetary control.
•    Token Counter: Integration of a token counter to manage and optimize conversation token usage for cost-effective operations.
•    User Conversation Monitoring: Tools to monitor user interactions for quality assurance and improvement purposes.
•    Azure Enterprise Login: Implementation of secure user authentication via Azure enterprise login to ensure data privacy and security.

Free 5 sets tokens for remote troubleshooting for 1 year after chatbot launched
•    Each token = 2 hours service

Optional to top up additional $5,000 for 5 sets token after free tokens are fully consumed

Sub Total $14,080.00
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Total Due $14,080.00

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