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巔峰極速 discord group management services

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 discord group management services (montly services)

Discord group management services (monthly services)
Provide relevant and timely news, updates, and announcements about the server’s topic
Host events and contests that encourage participation and interaction among members, such as:
Giveaways, raffles, or rewards where members can win prizes or perks for being active or helpful in the server
Onboard new members and help them find their way in the server, such as:
Create a welcoming and informative welcome screen, membership screening, and rules channel that introduce the server’s mission, values, and expectations to new members
Create spaces where new members can introduce themselves, ask questions, or get help from other members or staff
Promote the most engaged members into moderators or give them special roles or recognition to motivate them and foster a sense of belonging
Work with strategic partners to grow and improve the server, such as:
Collaborate with other servers, influencers, or organizations that share a similar interest or audience
Cross-promote the server on other platforms such as social media, blogs, podcasts, or websites
Support daily review and complaint handling between members, such as:
Monitor the server activity and messages for any violations of the rules or guidelines
Respond to reports or feedback from members or staff regarding any issues or concerns in the server
Resolve conflicts or disputes between members in a fair and respectful manner
Enforce appropriate actions or sanctions for rule-breakers or troublemakers in the server

Sub Total $15,000.00
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Total $15,000.00

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