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Hong Kong Netease Interactive Entertainment Limited

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1 Application for user top-up page

Develop a web application using Next.js framework for the frontend and Nest.js framework for the backend.
The frontend will consist of a form that allows users to input data and submit it to the backend.
The backend will store the data in a MongoDB database and provide an API for data retrieval and manipulation.
The backend will also implement a functionality to export the data in Excel format and generate a dashboard with charts and graphs to visualize the data.
The web application will follow the best practices of web development, such as security, performance, accessibility, and responsiveness.
The web application will be tested and deployed on a suitable hosting platform.
The web application will integrate with a payment gateway provider, such as Stripe, PayPal, or Braintree, to accept payments online for the form submission.
The web application will implement the payment gateway logic in the frontend and backend, such as creating payment intents, verifying payment status, and handling errors.
The web application will add a payment button or link to the form that redirects the user to the payment gateway page or opens a modal window for payment.
The web application will update the database schema and API to store and retrieve the payment information along with the form data.
The web application will test and debug the payment functionality and ensure it complies with the payment gateway provider’s terms and conditions.

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Total $15,000.00

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