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1 Website requirements

1. Important features required

a. The content should be presented in a clear, accessible and comprehensive manner.
b. The design should be clear, simple and user-friendly.
c. Appearance and layout should be delicate and beautiful.
d. Responsive website with CMS.
e. Allow on-going update and maintenance for latest browsers and operating system.
f. The language is bilingual in both Chinese and English. One language can be switched to another.
g. User should be able to reach the required page within 2 to 3 clicks. Loading time should be minimized.
h. Provide for extensive website analytics and statistics: covering traffic reports, visitor analysis, duration analysis, content wise analysis, top landing pages and top exit pages, other statistics and reports as required
i. Support for visually impaired and otherwise disabled or challenged customers
j. The existing website contains information that must be incorporated into the new version of the website.

1 Website requirements

2. Detailed Features:
2.1 Other user group wise functionalities required:
2.2 Visitor section
2.2.1 Front page design is the first page designed with motivated photos. Elements/ modules, including but not limited to:
a. Responsive Image slideshow
b. Navigation
c. Banners
d. Latest news
e. Event listing
f. Ability to embed plug-in I module (e.g. social media)
g. 'Tsuen Wan Live' and 'Ho Koon Weather Station'
h. 'Weekly Special'
2.2.2 In the front page, there are several tabs for users to click onto the corresponding contents. The possible tabs are including but not limited to:
a. About HKNEAC
Introduction, background, floor plan, news, updates and notices of HKNEAC
b. Courses
Details of Biology, Geography, Astronomy, Elementary and Advanced Environmental Education courses for schools
c. Astronomical Centre
Including astronomical news, articles, sky events, gallery and activities for the public
d. Natural world
Including news, articles, gallery and activities for the public
e. Events/Projects/Competition
A timeline listed all past and current education projects and competitions
f. Materials
Teaching materials sharing and downloading of a variety of file formats (.pdf, .doc, .ppt, .mp4, .avi, etc.)
g. Contact
Map, contact methods and enquiry form
2.2.3 Each section and sub-section shall contain main texts, photos, charts, videos, text boxes, etc. The content will be about 20-30 pages with 10-15 custom design.
2.3 Administrator Section
a. Administrator section is for the purpose of website maintenance.
b. It allows HKNEAC administrator to update and edit the content, photos, videos and other files in all sections in the website.
c. It provides brief website analytics and statistics: visitor count, top landing pages and top exit pages, other statistics and reports as required.

1 Website requirements

3 Other requirements and standards:
3.1 CMS (Content Management System) requirement
The website will be developed using one of the CMS solution present in the market. The CMS solution proposed needs to be stated in the proposal. HKNEAC has a preference for non-commercial CMS solutions. The storage engine to use shall be also indicated.

a. There will be 3 core staff contributing, updating, or approving the majority of text with additional staff at HKNEAC contributing text on a more occasional basis.
b. The company must provide secure login to the site. The details and potential costs ( e.g. SSL certificate) shall be included in the offer.
c. Both Chinese and English content should be supported in the CMS.
d. Create/ Edit/ Delete unlimited sub-sections and pages, with templates including album and video page, online submission dynamic form
e. Customisable auto email notification upon submission of online form
f. Javascript should be allowed in the CMS and online form
g. User friendly interface and easy-to-use modules
h. Storage and document management system for uploading site content files (e.g. images & documents)

3 .2 Additional functionality requirements

All functionality required and not included by default in the CMS solution will be added through.extensions, plug-ins and the alike and not hard-coded. The contractor shall provide any additional documentation for the main software and any third-party extensions that might be used. When open source solutions are proposed the written quotation companies are requested to identify the applicable license(s). If the company is proposing the use of potentially closed source components the applicable license(s) shall be identified.

The website should be optimized for usage in any kind of device, including mobile devices. The contractor shall indicate in their offer the web accessibility conformance level reached (A, AA or AAA) up to the point in which the website is under control of the organization. It will also indicate in which browsers (indicating version) the website will be accessible.

3 .3 Web Development Standards

The website should be developed with the latest technology, using up-to-date and well established development tools and software. The development approach should conform to the best practices in the website development and maintenance industry. Generally, it should ensure the following:
a. Adherence to commonly accepted standards and practices, including W3C compliance.
b. Using latest web website design technologies (Adobe Flash is not considered.)
c. Acceptability on all current user technology platforms; browsers, operating systems, client systems

1 Maintenance Services

a. The Contractor shall provide free maintenance service for the website for the first two years after written confirmation on completion of the website from HKNEAC.
b. The maintenance services shall include:
i. Response to enquiries related to the use of the functions and programs
ii. Repair the web against any failure, including but not limited to bug fixing, within 3 working days or other period as agreed, upon the request by HKNEAC
iii. Other maintenance tasks which are deemed necessary to the smooth operation of the website as proposed by HKNEAC.

1 Secure Hosting

The vendor shall specify and recommend suitable systems to ensure complete security and performance of the website. The proposal should include details as under:
a. Systems required
b. Software required including control and monitoring tools
c. Security of systems- databases, software, access controls

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