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Quote Date 06.08.2023
Total $780,000.00
SmarTone Mobile communications Limited

51/F, Millennium City 2 , 378 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Attn : Frankie Chan

Centralized Management Platform

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1 Centralized Management Platform (CMP)

Developing a web-based platform that allows users to access, visualize, and interact with their digital twin models from any device and location.
Developing a data ingestion pipeline that supports various data formats and sources, such as BIM, GIS, CDE, IoT, drones, satellites, etc.
Developing a data processing engine that applies machine learning and AI techniques to analyze, enrich, and transform the data into actionable insights and recommendations.
Developing a data visualization engine that leverages the latest 3D rendering technology to provide high-fidelity environment rendering of large-scale 3D urban scenes.
Developing a user interface that allows users to navigate the past, present and future of their construction site and facilities with an interactive timeline feature and 4D progress display.
Developing a user management system that allows users to create, edit, share, and collaborate on their digital twin projects with different roles and permissions.
Developing a security system that ensures the data privacy and integrity of the users and their projects.
- Supports 4D BIM, 4D photogrammetry and DWSS and loT sensor data integration
- 100 users with 50 concurrent user access
- 5TB Storage

1 Digitalized permit-to-work system for high-risk activities

application management on
Permit-to-work - Included 6 Types:
1. work in confined spaces
2. work with electrical hazard
3. work in lift shaft
4. mobile crane, heavy machinery and _piling rig operating
5. hot work
6. use of ladder

1 3 years management services - free support for first 3 years

Annual renewal of your subscription
Assistance with system modifications
Customization of features to suit your needs
Regular updates of the API
Troubleshooting of system errors

after 3 years support fee after launch - HKD 150,000 - yearly fee

1 digital permit system

the permit system from their smartphone or tablet. The app would have the following features:

The user can log in with their credentials and see their profile, which shows their role, qualifications, and permits.
The user can apply for a new permit by selecting the type of activity, location, equipment, and other details. The app would perform the risk assessment and provide the controls and precautions automatically. The user can also attach any documents or photos to support their application.
The user can submit their application and wait for the approval from the site manager or supervisor. The app would notify the user when the permit is approved, rejected, or requires more information.
The user can view their active permits and see their validity, expiry, suspension, cancellation, extension, or transfer status. The user can also update or renew their permits by providing any changes or feedback.
The user can scan a QR code or NFC tag at the work site to verify their identity and permit. The app would check the isolation status, barrier status, and maintenance status of the site and equipment before allowing the user to start work. The app would also alert the user of any hazards or changes that may affect their safety.
The user can close their permit when they finish work by providing a summary of the work done, any incidents or near misses, and any lessons learned. The app would record the duration of the permit and provide a feedback rating.

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Total $780,000.00

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