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Global Technology Integrator Limited

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2 months development time

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1 Development for chatgpt integration

1. **Setup for an account with OpenAI**
Go to the OpenAI website and create an account for OpenAi API access

2. **Install the [OpenAI.NET](http://openai.net/) library**
The [OpenAI.NET](http://openai.net/) library provides a wrapper for the ChatGPT API in C#. Install this library to enable communication with the ChatGPT API.

3. **integrate to sitecore project**
Use [ASP.NET](http://asp.net/) Core to integrate with sitecore project. Add the [OpenAI.NET](http://openai.net/) library as a dependency to the project.

4. **Create a chatgpt for search enhancement controller**
Create a chatgpt search controller that uses the ChatGPT API to handle user input and output. You can use the examples and documentation from the [OpenAI.NET](http://openai.net/) library to guide you.

5. **Create a chatgpt discussion data model**
Create a data handling that displays the chat data and communicates with the chatgpt controller using AJAX or SignalR.

6. **Customize the result behavior and appearance**
Use parameters such as engine, temperature, frequency_penalty, presence_penalty, stop, etc. to control the ChatGPT model’s output. Customize the chatgpt result to match your web system’s needs and preferences.

7. **Test and deploy**
Test your web application with ChatGPT integration to ensure that it is working properly. Once it is working as expected, deploy it to your production environment.

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Total $80,000.00

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