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Quote Number h-q20210211
Quote Date 11.02.2021
Total $220,000.00
Qess Pharmcare

E-learning course content development - Qess Pharmcare VTC

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Content development cost for 1 module (1 hr total learning time)

- Content program development 1 module within 1hour (Include graphic design, scripts, study program development)
(All content can be revised before final user acceptance within 6 months development period. Additional cost and time will be incurred for the revision made after user acceptance.)
- Development story scripts base on client materials
- Included Full course storyboard
- Included creditable graphics picture and stock photos
- Animation development around 15mins per module (can break to footage for slide)
- Setup for Moodle with scorm content
- Voice Over development base on robot generate voice 1 language
Development and enhancement full-team support 12 months (Bundle)

1 Video shooting production (Cost might be adjusted base on content)

- Video shoot content
- Video editing with footage per module
- Video length base on client request
- Video Production Crew (Without Actors)
- Audio capture, lighting, and camera gear
- 1-2 Full day Shooting (Base on the footage to provide the video)

- Edit and post-production service

1 Real person Voice Over development (extra cost if needed)

Real person Voice Over development single language - per module within 1 hour
Voice edit and post-production service

1 Extra subtitles per language cost (extra cost if needed)

Extra subtitles 1 language per module within 1 hour

12 Amend & inquiry support services - bundle with Content development

Services support included
- 5 days per week office hours from 10 am to 7 pm
- Support response time within 3 hours
Services scope included
- Scorm package update and synchronization for Content
- Plain Text Adjustment - 1 to 2 working days per request
- Graphic and Picture Adjustment - 3 to 6 working days per request
- Voice Over Adjustment - 10 to 14 working days per request
- Animation Adjustment - 10 to 14 working days per request
- 1 day Full day reshooting with full crew member for Additional Video or Video adjustment

1-year support package

Sub Total $220,000.00
Tax $0.00
Total $220,000.00

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