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CloudFun Limited

Online HR system

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1 Online HR system

1. Administra*on Module: Defining company structure, job details
2. Personal Informa*on Management (PIM): Centralize all employee personal
3. Leave Management: Manage employee 2me off
4. Time & A;endance: Track employee 2me records and aJendance
5. Recruitment: Manage hiring process
6. Performance Management: Set up KPIs, manage performance reviews
7. Discipline Tracking: Record disciplinary incidents
8. Repor*ng: Create and manage HR reports
9. Employee Self-Service: Update personal informa2on, apply for leave
10. Document Management: Upload and organize employee-related documents
11. Employee Photo: Upload photos of employees
12. Qualifica*ons: Record details about employee qualifica2ons
13. Work ShiIs: Define and manage work shiYs
14. Insurance Details: Record employee insurance details
15. Custom Fields: Add custom fields to capture addi2onal informa2on
16. Employee Hierarchy: Define the repor2ng hierarchy
17. Project Informa*on: Define and record project details
18. Training Tracking: Manage and record employee training sessions
19. Compensa*on: Manage employee salaries and generate reports
20. Membership: Track and manage employee memberships
21. Skills: Record the specific skills each employee has
22. A;endance Tracker: Manage and maintain records of employee aJendance
23. Na*onality and Race: Record informa2on about an employee's na2onality and race
24. Emergency Contacts: Maintain a record of employees' emergency contacts
25. Leave Management: Track and manage employee leave
26. Job History: Keep track of an employee's job history
27. Recruitment Tracker: Manage job vacancies, candidates, and recruitment process
28. Performance Evalua*on: Conduct performance reviews and assessments
29. Pay Grades: Manage different pay grades within the organiza2on
30. Cloud Hos*ng: Public cloud service with containeriza2on design
31. Cloud Storage: File or aJachment upload to cloud virtual machine
32. Cloud Database: Store HRM data in a cloud-hosted database
33. DNS Control: Integra2on with the current domain address

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Total $298,000.00

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