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Quote Number h-q2020202020060580000
Quote Date 10.08.2021
Total $298,000.00
Hellokids Education Limited


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1 Dashboard

Bring all the vital data about your business at the tip of your finger.You can know about the number of products, customer, supplier and sale.
Dashboard will show you product info for every most selling product by a histogram. To compare the sale and purchase there is a line chart. Which can give you a total graphical view about sale and purchase ratio monthly.
Total Customer
Total Product
Total Supplier
Total Sale
Best Sale Product
Expense statement
Sales and report summary
Todays Overview
Todays Sales Report

1 Customer

Communicate with customers and keep track of
every single purchase of a customer. Stream existing
customers to maximize customer value and avoid
customer loss. The system automatically monitors
the sales staff to follow up and improve the
transaction rate.
Add Customer
Manage Customer
Customer Ledger
Credit Customer
Paid Customer
Customer Advance

1 Product

Product update, delete, barcode or qr code generator everything in your finger tip.
Add Product
Import Product(CSV)
Manage Product

1 Supplier

Add Supplier
Manage Supplier
Supplier Ledger
Supplier Advance

1 Sales

Sales with payments and option to accept payments online by PayPal and Skrill along with delivery, gift cards and returns options.
New Sale
Manage Sale
POS Sale

1 Quotations

Add quotation and convert them to sales or purchase order with
download as pdf option
Add quotation
Manage quotation

1 Stock management

Stock report

1 Return

Stock Return List
Supplier Return List
Wastage Return List

1 Report

Overview & warehouse stock chart, product quantity and expiry alerts, general profit and/or loss report, sales, purchases, transfers, customer, suppliers and staff user reports.
Closing Report
Todays Report
Todays Customer Receipt
Sales Report
User Wise Sales Report
Due Report
Shipping Cost Report
Purchase Report
Purchase Report(category wise)
Sales Report(product wise)
Sales Report(category wise)
Sales Return
Supplier Return
Tax Report
Profit Report(sales wist)

1 Accounts

Chart of Account
Supplier Payment
Customer Receive
Cash Adjustment
Debit Voucher
Credit Voucher
Contra Voucher
Journal Voucher

1 Bank

Add New Bank
Bank Transaction
Manage Bank

1 Tax

Tax Settings
Add Income Tax
Manage Income Tax
Tax Report
Invoice Wise Tax Report

1 Human Resource

Conduct employee life cycle management, support multiple attendance system management, support multiple sets of compensation systems and salary standards .
Add Designation
Manage Designation
Add Employee
Manage Employee
Manage Attendance
Attendance Report
Add Benefits
Manage Benefits
Add Salary Setup
Manage Salary Setup
Salary Generate
Manage Salary Generate
Salary Payment
Add Expense Item
Manage Expense Item
Add Expense
Manage Expense
Expense Statement
Office loan
Add Person
Add Loan
Add Payment
Manage Loan
Personal loan
Add Person
Add Loan
Add Payment
Manage Loan

1 Service

Add Service
Manage Service
Service Invoice
Manage Service Invoice

1 Commssion

Generate commssion

1 Settings

Easily manage the app with settings for logo, categories, variants, currencies, tax rates, customer groups, price groups, email templates and group permissions (staff group)
Software Settings
Manage Company
Add User
Manage Users
Mail Settings
APP Settings
Role Permission
Add Role
Role List
User Assign Role
SMS Configure
Data Synchronizer
Back Up

1 Purchase

Purchase order with payments records, option to add purchase with CSV along with expenses feature
Add Purchase
Manage Purchase

1 Big data model implementation

Big data feeatures
Hadoop integration
Hadoop cluster
Mysql applier

1 Elearning-Web development

10 web pages
Online payment
Online booking of course
Form to email
Course as product for booking
2 UI/UX design to choose from the template
3 months warranty
link with social media - facebook and IG
CMS management

1 Elearning features

-General Features
Modern, easy to use interface
Personalised Dashboard
Collaborative tools and activities
All-in-one calendar
Convenient file management
Simple and intuitive text editor
Track progress

-Administrative Features
Customisable site design and layout
Secure authentication and mass enrolment
Multilingual capability
Bulk course creation and easy backup
Manage user roles and permissions
Supports open standards
High interoperability
Simple plugin management
Regular security updates
Detailed reporting and logs

-Course Development and Management Features
Direct learning paths
Encourage collaboration
Embed external resources
Multimedia Integration
Group management
Marking workflow
In-line marking
Peer and self assessment
Integrated Badges
Outcomes and rubrics
Competency based marking
Security and privacy

1 Server hosting & IT support - per month

IT support
Ticket support system ✓
Reply time in 6 hours
Support error fix (case) – 4
Server error support ✓
Server hosting
Link with a custom domain
Hosting period 12/03/2021 - 20/01/2022

1 Android app development

Android app development (Not include iOS) one app only with one apk
list to google play store one year
purchased app


Create/Update Docs
Add/Remove Assignees, Tags
Add/Remove/Download Attachments
Add Comments, Send Email
Appreciate/Criticize Users involved in specified Doc.
Timeline record of app changes from users

Features & Enhancements:

Design development
Rich Text Editor for Email and Text Editor field
Ability to Mention Users in comments
Filtering List View (Quick and Custom Filters)
New Controls: Currency, ReadOnly, Text
Child table's data can be added/updated now
Sort list view by fields based on meta
Add new/existing attachments
View/download attachments

Sub Total $298,000.00
Tax $0.00
Total $298,000.00

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