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Quote Number h-q2020202020060581490
Quote Date 25.05.2021
Total $168,000.00
Midas FMS Limited
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1 New functions and support development

1. For exhibitor only revise layout without placing order
We also need a pdf with Booth Plan, Legend, Elevation Plan
Add a button for generating
2. When revised order, layout, and invoice can be synchronized?
3. Fix for Not accurate reflection on Elevation Plan
4. Zip exported from Lohas show cannot be opened or empty
5. No screen locked after Order is approved
6. Package item deleted on layout cannot reflect on pdf
7. For Layout Approval email, please rename file name in “Booth Plan XXX” , XXX is booth number
8. Shelves on 2D layout both frontend and backend
disappeared on pdf

9. Press “Invoice” button to generate invoice
10. Invoice generated with items not included in layout under Part E
11. Open permissions to GS to handle backend update on content and upload pdf
Need further confirmation on what permission to open
GS will start preparing Oct show from July
12. The margin on email notification of TC is failed
13. Round up on currency exchange, 0.1< = 1
14. Enhance Booth Plan image in high resolution
15. After Order Approval
- Click “Download Order Summary” first, then click “Download Invoice” invoice generated only have Part A to C
- Only if “Download Invoice” first can generate invoice with Part A to F
16. We now only can view booth in 2D, please also include Booth 3D in backend to review exhibitors’ new setting
17. Still able to place order after Expiry Date....
18. Enhance function of “Send Order Reminder”
Long loading time in bulk sending exhibitors’ reminders
19. No elevation plan can be recognized in above booth
Can there be a way to reflect all walls on Elevation Plan?
20. Every 3m will have a pole and 3mL ceiling, can it be a default setting when set up package?
Which is now we need to do it manually
21. Can we optionally choose which fascia / pole to show or not to show?
22. Apart from Waive Surcharge per item, can we do a waiver/ discount on Total Amount?
23. Bulk Invoice (approved) / Booth Plan can be downloaded in one zip file
24. Items under “system_fixed_category” no need to shown on pdf
25. Images under Legend can be size down 30%
26. Items under Legend show only EN or TC or SC
27. Fine tune on layering of furniture
28. Order Status not synchronized on Order Management and Exhibitor Management
29. Malfunctioning of the “Duplicate” button in Product Management / Show Form
30. Separate setup date for SS and RS
Add fields for setup date & time for SS & PM & PV special decoration/ RS
Data can be inputted in the exhibitor list and reflect on the backend
31. Enhance 3D image downloaded in high resolution
32. Enhance 3D image rotation in 4 views, now is 2 views
33. Create individual login for each user and traceable on handling person
And categorize in 3-tier: Project Director / Project Manager / Project Executive
Permissions will be different by tier
34. Cannot click the scroll bar to move down.
35. Modify on auto-calculate for Show Other Fee(s)
36. Can set mapping on package id and zconfigtable id for Show Form by operation team??

Sub Total $168,000.00
Tax $0.00
Total $168,000.00

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