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Quote Date 06.03.2023
Total $300,000.00
Global Technology Integrator Limited

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chatgpt with big data integration sow

3mths - duration

10% order confirmed
30% design phase
40% implementation complete
20% project closure


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 chatgpt with big data integration key aspects:

1. *Natural Language Processing:* Utilizing advanced algorithms to enable the chatbot to understand and interpret human language.
2. *GPT Integration:* Implementing the GPT technology to enable the chatbot to generate coherent and relevant responses to user queries.
3. *User Interface Design:* Creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for users to interact with the chatbot.
4. *Backend Development:* Setting up the necessary infrastructure to host and run the chatbot, including server configuration and database management.
5. *Training Data Collection:* Collecting and curating a vast dataset of conversational data to train the chatbot and improve its accuracy over time.

Sub Total $300,000.00
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Total $300,000.00

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