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Quote Date 25.10.2023
Total $200,000.00
Global Technology Integrator Limited

Unit 3603-3609, 36/F, 1 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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1 HKJC_Azure VMware Solution(AVS) Implementation

Project Initiation
- Prepare Preliminary Project Plan
- Project Kick-off and Requirement Gathering Meeting
- Revise Project Plan According to Updated Requirements

Project Preparation
Technical Workshops
- Technical workshop to locate on-premises network segment, network switches
- Technical workshop to locate firewalls and change requests procedures
- Technical workshop to discuss technical objectives and test cases

On-Prem Network Connectivity
- On-premises proxy server for monitoring
- Preparation of VLSM
- Submit change management forms
- Open firewall ports

Azure Infrastructure Preparation
- Azure Environment Inspection (if applicable)
- Define 1 x EA Azure Subscription for AVS PoC
- Grant Contributor roles to GTI Team
- Enable resource provider for AVS in subscription
- Request AVS quota in East Asia
- Setup Azure POC VNET
- Setup Route server
- Setup ExpressRoute Gateway
- AVS network connectivity testing

Azure Configuration
- Configure Azure Resource Groups Required to Support The Subscription Design
- Configure Azure Virtual Networks, Address Space and Subnets
- Configure Azure NSG Rules
- Deploy AVS Cloud services and nodes

AVS Networking Setup
- Connect AVS to Azure VNET
- Extend HKJC VLAN to AVS
- Access vCenter and NSX-T network
- Configure On-Premises Routing
- Troubleshoot connectivity issues

AVS Setup and Configuration for Environment TR
- Deploy AVS Cluster for TR Development Work
- Creation of 10x Windows Server VMs in AVS

AVS Sandbox Environment Infrastructure Setup
- Locate isolated network segment for sandbox environment
- Deploy AVS Cluster for Sandbox Environment
- Define sandbox environment lifecycle management methodology
- Setup AVS host maintenance and lifecycle management

Setup Backup for AVS
- Deploy Azure Recovery services vault for Azure backup
- Setup Azure Backup
- Deploy Azure backup server (MABS) in Azure VNET
- Integrate MABS with vCenter

Setup Basic Monitoring for AVS
- Setup Azure Monitor to monitor AVS infrastructure

Testing Phase, Documentation and Sign-off
Testing on AVS Infrastructure
- Comment on System Integration Test (SIT) Plan Draft
- Finalize SIT Plan Test Cases
- Perform SIT Plan Test Cases
- Validate and finalize completed SIT Plan
- SIT Sign-off

Systems Handover
- Skill transfer session for AVS operations

- SIT Plan
- Azure VMWare Solution Configuration Summary
- Azure VMWare Solution Administration and Operations Manual

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Total $200,000.00

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