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B & P Textile company limited

Online Customer Services and Engagement- 12 months subscription

OCS: Online Customer Services System

1) Better experiences through online reservations & ordering means higher re-purchase.
2) Can promote brand or corporation.
3) Through different tools to draw traffic
4) Customers could pay through WeChat, easy & convenient.
5) Loyalty program through promotional tools to have customer retention.
6) Customers could enjoy one-stop shopping, that would greatly increase desire to re-purchase

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1 Online Customer Services System

1) The system enables order placing over the Internet, such as reservations, appointment bookings.
2) System enables live broadcasting & streaming that supports distance learning.
3) The system supports QR code ordering & payment
4) System supports retail as well as service industry
5) Search engine enhance through blogging management system
6) With digital promotional tools such as group-buy, referral program, e-coupon, etc.

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