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Quote Number h-q20200610-OMEKAS
Quote Date 10.06.2020
Total $297,000.00


CRM & Inventory Management System

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 CRM Systerm - Customer

CRM system streams existing customers to maximize customer value and avoid customer loss. The system automatically monitors the sales staff to follow up and improve the transaction rate.

1 CRM Systerm - HR

Conduct employee life cycle management, support multiple attendance system management, support multiple sets of compensation systems and salary standards.

1 CRM Systerm - Work

The system can provide customized contract management process and follow up project process based on personnel , time , completion schedule, etc . It can manage task bar and task calendar to realize the organic combination of business normalization and flow efficiency.

1 CRM Systerm - Finance

Allowing managers to properly cope with company expenses and reduce business operation risks. It not only makes daily expenses and management fees clear but also enables enterprises to have a deeper understanding of cost.

1 CRM Systerm - Other functions ( messages , events , notice board , reports)

Includes internal employee communications, schedule management, task notifications , task report records, financial report records and so on.

1 Inventory Management System - Business Management

Multiple business
Multiple business locations, store fronts, warehouse
Set currency, time zone, financial year, profit margin, tax registration details and more options

1 Inventory Management System - Product Management

Single & variable products
Enable/disable Stock management
Add brands, category, units, tax rates, group taxes
Products with expiry
Low stock alert & expiry alerts
Predefined SKU or auto generate SKU
IMEI/serial number, lot number
Print bar-code & labels
Selling price group
Import product CSV, and much more

1 Inventory Management System - Purchase

Add, edit, delete, view, print purchase
Purchase return
Credit, paid & partially paid. Multiple payment options
Payment reminders
Taxes, discounts, shipping charges
Specify product lot number & expiry
Upload purchase document
Quick add product in purchase screen

1 Inventory Management System - Sell & POS Terminal

Add, edit, delete, view, print
Credit, paid & partially paid sales
Sales return
Taxes, discounts, shipping charges
Keyboard Shortcuts
Improved POS to save time (no page reload, fully Ajax)
Payment options - cash, CC, cheque, bank, transfer
Walk-in or quick add customer
Specify commission agent

1 Inventory Management System - Suppliers & Customers

Add contacts as supplier, customer or both
Pay terms & payment alerts
Details payment details
Detailed purchase & sell transactions

1 Inventory Management System - Staff, Salesperson, Cashier

Advance user management module
Permission & roles
Commission agents
Assign business locations to a role
Predefined roles - admin & cashier
Add cashier for business location
Staff salary and expense management

1 Inventory Management System - Report

Powerful reports with filters & charts
Profit & loss report
Purchase & sell report
Stock reports
Trending product reports
Tax reports
Expenses reports
Suppliers & customers reports
Cash registers reports
Salesperson reports

1 Inventory Management System - Others

SMS & Email notifications
Interactive dashboard with overall shop details and charts
Stock adjustments,Expense management, cash register
Fully customise invoice layout, barcode settings
Supports barcode scanner, thermal printer (ESC/POS)
Translation ready, detailed documentation

Sub Total $297,000.00
Tax $0.00
Total $297,000.00

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