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Sandwich Creative

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1 manulife web applicaiton development

Scope of Work: Manulife BigFive Campaign Site Development
Project Overview
The objective of this project is to develop a responsive and user-friendly campaign site for Manulife’s BigFive Campaign. The site will be built using Node.js for the backend and Next.js for the frontend, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

Project Objectives
Develop a campaign site that aligns with Manulife’s branding and marketing goals.
Ensure the site is responsive and accessible across all devices.
Implement server-side rendering for improved performance and SEO.
Deploy the site on a reliable server environment.
Design and Development
Custom UI/UX code development based on Manulife’s branding guidelines.
Development of the frontend using Next.js.
Backend development using Node.js.
Integration of necessary APIs and third-party services.
Features and Functionality
User authentication and authorization.
Content management system (CMS) integration.
Interactive elements and animations.
SEO optimization.
Analytics and tracking setup.

Sub Total $60,000.00
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Total $60,000.00

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