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Quote Number h-q223372036082301
Quote Date 23.08.2023
Total $100,000.00
Global Technology Integrator Limited

Unit 3603-3609, 36/F, 1 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Support SRMS phase 2 project


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1 Support SRMS phase 2 project

Assessment Stage
- Conduct project kick-off meeting
- Conduct architect-led technical workshop
• to discuss existing CI/CD DevOps procedures and Application Lifecycle Management
• to discuss changement flows design and revamp (Security Change, Data Patch Flow, Application
• to discuss user device information collection feasibility
• to discuss integration with 3rd party systems
• to discuss best practices
- Finalize all functional requirements
- Design low-fidelity mock-ups for UI and experience flow
Key Deliverable: Functional Specification
Preparation Stage
- Setup Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines
- Define Git flow and CI/CD pipeline workflow
- Detailed application UI/UX discussion
- Prototype flow diagram and screen mock-ups
Key Deliverable: Technical Specification
Enablement Stage
- Development on existing SRMS application
• Setup Admin Page for support team configuration, email configuration etc.
• Setup 3rd party system external users login through OAuth/SAML
• Setup drag-and-drop to add attachment and support video upload
• Setup user roles and permissions for user groups approvers,
• Setup interface components and logic to handle application
• Setup interface components and logic to create ticket,
• Setup interface components and logic to create ticket for security
• Implement other interface components and logic or UI/UX enhancements as outlined in Technical
- Develop database schema to support the design
- Develop data access controls on database to support the design,
- Develop workflows to support the design
- Develop integration to support the design
Key Deliverable: API Document
Key Deliverable: User Manual
Onboarding Stage
- Define UAT acceptance criteria
- Perform UAT and provide report
- Deployment and production update go-live
- Handover of all source code and environment to Gammon
Key Deliverable: UAT Test Report
Key Deliverable: Operation and Administration Manua

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Total $100,000.00

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