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Azure Stack HCI Hardware Planning and Implementation Hardware Procurement and Delivery

100% payment upon project completion (30 days credit)

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1 Azure Stack HCI Hardware Planning and Implementation Hardware Procurement and Delivery

•Select and purchase Azure Stack HCI compatible hardware
•Coordinate delivery to Customer's datacenter Hardware Installation and Configuration
•Rack and stack servers
•Configure BIOS/UEFI settings
•Update all firmware to latest versions"
"Azure Stack HCI Architecture Design
•Design Azure Stack HCI architecture to fit POC use cases
•Provide the customer with the technical and financial justification to migrate on-premises physical and virtual workloads, regardless of their original platform, to Azure Stack HCI
•Set up and configure the Azure Stack HCI clusters, including storage spaces direct, Hyper-V, and other relevant components.
•Validate the cluster configuration and perform initial testing to ensure it meets the necessary requirements.
•Provide Azure Stack HCI Design Document Draft

"Azure Stack HCI Workload tests and Proof of Concept
•Test environment deployment, set-up, and configuration of Azure Stack HCI
•Enable Azure Arc integration
•Enable Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) on Azure Stack HCI
•Enable sample workload on AKS
•POC validation to document the outcomes, performance metrics, any identified areas for improvement"

Provide resources to support:
HKJC, HSBC, Hospital Authority Azure Stack HCI POC

Sub Total $65,000.00
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Total $65,000.00

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