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Quote Date 05.10.2023
Total $300,000.00
Shing Shun Industries

Flat 10, 9F, Block A, Hoplite Industrial Center, Kowloon Bay


Objective: Development of a social media platform for investors and traders to share and discuss their insights, predictions, news, and sentiments about stocks and other financial instruments.

web development 300k
app development 150k (optional)

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 web development

1. Key Features:
- User Profiles: Allow users to create, edit, and manage their profiles, including username, photo, bio, and investment interests.
- Twit Functionality: Users can post short messages ("twits") with stock tickers ($AAPL, $GOOGL, etc.) and other content like images, links, and GIFs.
- Real-time Feed: A live feed where users can view recent twits from people they follow or based on particular stocks or sectors of interest.

- Trending Stocks: Highlight stocks that are currently trending based on volume of mentions and sentiment analysis.

- Watchlist: Allow users to create and manage a list of stocks they're interested in tracking.

- Direct Messaging: Allow users to send private messages to each other.

- Sentiment Analysis: Implement sentiment analysis on twits to gauge overall market sentiment on particular stocks or sectors.

- Notifications: Users receive notifications for mentions, new followers, and other relevant interactions.
2. Advanced Features (Optional):
- Stock Charts Integration: Allow for the embedding or linking of real-time stock charts.

- Polls: Users can create polls to get opinions on specific stocks or market events.

- Community Boards: Creation of boards or forums for specific stocks, sectors, or market strategies where users can have more detailed discussions.
3. Technical Requirements:
- Backend: Choose a robust backend system (like Node.js, Django, etc.) to handle user data, twits, and notifications.

- Database: Relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL) or NoSQL databases (MongoDB) for storing user profiles, twits, and other data.

- Frontend: React, Angular, or Vue.js for a responsive web frontend.

- APIs: Integration with stock price and news APIs, sentiment analysis tools, etc.

- Security: Implement secure authentication and encryption to protect user data and ensure privacy.
4. Testing and QA:
- Unit Testing: Testing of individual components and functions.

- Integration Testing: Testing of interactions between different parts of the application.

- User Acceptance Testing: Beta testing with a group of users to gather feedback and make final adjustments.
5. Milestones and Timeline:
1. Project kickoff
2. Design and prototype completion
3. Development of MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
4. Beta testing
5. Launch
6. Post-launch updates and maintenance

This is a high-level scope, and the actual details and requirements would depend on your specific needs, goals, and resources.
6. StockTwits API Integration:

- API Authentication: Implement OAuth or the relevant authentication mechanism required by StockTwits to establish a secure connection.

- Fetch Stock Data: Retrieve real-time and historical stock data, including price, volume, and other relevant metrics.

- Fetch User Twits: Access and display twits related to specific stocks, sectors, or from specific users.

- Post Twits: Allow your platform's users to post twits directly to StockTwits (if the API allows).

- Sentiment Analysis: Leverage the StockTwits API to fetch sentiment data on specific stocks. This might include bullish or bearish sentiments provided by StockTwits users.

- Rate Limiting and Quotas: Implement handling for API rate limits to ensure your platform doesn't exceed the number of requests allowed in a specific timeframe.

- Error Handling: Implement robust error handling for potential issues like API downtime, incorrect data, or other unexpected responses.

- Caching: Consider caching frequently accessed data to improve performance and reduce the load on the API. This could be done using tools like Redis.
7. Maintenance and Monitoring:

- API Versioning: Ensure that you are always compatible with the latest version of the StockTwits API and handle any deprecated endpoints or features.

- Monitoring: Monitor API calls to identify any issues, failures, or unexpected behaviors. Tools like Grafana or Prometheus can help visualize API metrics.

- Alerts: Implement alerting mechanisms to notify the dev team of any API-related issues or if you're nearing your API rate limit.

8. Documentation and Training:

- Internal Documentation: Create comprehensive documentation detailing how the StockTwits API has been integrated, including all endpoints used, data flow diagrams, and any customizations.

- Training: Train the support and development team on how the API integration works, potential issues they might encounter, and troubleshooting steps.

9. Costs and Budgeting:

- API Costs: Some APIs may have costs associated with high usage or premium features. Ensure you factor these into your project budget.

- Infrastructure Costs: Factor in costs related to the increased infrastructure needed to handle the API data flow, caching, and storage.
Remember, when working with external APIs, always review the terms of service and ensure you adhere to the platform's rules and guidelines. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on any changes to the API documentation or policies, as these can affect your platform's functionality.

1 app development 150k (optional)

Technical Requirements:
- Mobile: Development of mobile apps for iOS and Android, using native or cross-platform tools like React Native or Flutter.

Sub Total $300,000.00
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Total $300,000.00

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