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Develop an application via Google AppSheet to streamline workflow, manage equipment operations, and integrate smart device data, primarily focusing on ensuring efficient communication and data storage.

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1 Appsheet Development

* **Workflow and Communication Management:**

- Implement modules to manage, record, and operate various equipment.

- Enable the tracking of the Contractor's works, submissions, and site supervisions.

- Offer features for notifications of works and plant access controls.

* **Smart Device Integration:**

- Seamlessly collect and store data from smart devices, particularly cameras and CCTVs equipped with analytics functions.

- Real-time data capture and presentation capabilities to spotlight issues requiring immediate site personnel attention.

- Integrate alert and warning systems for timely notifications, channeled through the app, unlimited app notifications, or SMS.

* **Data Storage and Retrieval:**

- Store transferred data from smart devices or applications on Google Drive.

- Enable efficient data retrieval capabilities for future use.

* **Administrative Rights and Ownership:**

- Although the Contractor may own the app, the Project Manager will possess comprehensive administrative rights.

- Facilitate the Project Manager's full retrieval of final app records upon contract completion.

* **Data Privacy and Security:**

- Inform personal data owners about any data collection, including videos, photos, or other relevant data.

- Display warning notices at strategic locations about ongoing video or photo capture.

- Clearly define the duration for retaining specific data types, ensuring data owners are informed about this period. Once this duration expires, the contractor should guarantee data deletion.

- Propose and implement rigorous security controls to uphold the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of stored, processed, or transmitted information and associated systems.

1 User Manual:

Include a comprehensive user guide detailing app functionalities, features, and usage instructions, as referenced in AppendixB.

1 Supported service

Support with PC Web Based version
Backend Admin GUI (like open account
open account
record view, filter, export
record add/modify/edit
Support Android Only

1 Google play (On Shelves) $3,800.000.00%$3,800.00
Sub Total $73,800.00
Tax $0.00
Total $73,800.00

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